Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Things I Do For Money

This is part of an actual email I sent for work:

"If you don't carry the Pipe Dreams 'Fatty Patty' could you please recommend another midget blow up doll that's around the same price?"

I can honestly say I never thought those were words I'd string together.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My New Bike

Rob and I bought a bike for me on Memorial Day. I'll confess I picked it because it's totally girly, which isn't like me, but it's also super comfortable.

I've set a goal of riding 30 miles a week. The idea is to run all my local errands on the bike. In theory, if I ride that much, in a year I'll recoup what we spent on the bike (and accessories) in savings in gas, wear & tear on the car and parking meters.

Here's how I did the first week:

The Bank: 4.5 miles


UPS, Fred 62, Grocery store: 3.1

The Bike Shop: 1.6 miles


The Bike Shop: 1.6 miles


Two Boots Pizza: 8.3 miles


Caffe Etc. and the Farmer's Market: 4.6 miles

Los Feliz 3 Movie Theater: 2 miles

25.7 so far..and then jury duty started and I haven't pedaled since...