Monday, December 10, 2007

Mah Jongg Bag

I've been playing Mah Jongg with the same three women for almost seven years. We try to get together once a month, but schedules being what they are, it's a good year if we see each other four or five times.

Yesterday, we had our Christmas lunch and exchanged presents. I made each of the "Mah Jongg Mavens" a felted purse from my own design. Having greatly over-estimated how much knitting I could do before Christmas, it was a rush to get these done; an hour before the lunch, my husband Rob was drying the just felted bags with a hair dryer!

The bags are designed with a pocket at the bottom that holds a piece of cardboard securely in place so the bag maintains its shape. Applied i-cords edge the bags, then join together and are knit in garter stitch to create the wide shoulder strap. Because Mah Jongg originated in China, I chose Chinese button knots for the closure.

I'll post a pattern soon so you can make your own Mah Jongg bag. They're actually a pretty quick knit, so you still have time to make one for a last minute Christmas gift.

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