Thursday, April 3, 2008

One of the 5,286 reasons I LOVE Ravelry

But who's counting?

A woman I met at a comic convention in Portland found me through Ravelry. (We were both hunched over our needles while manning the tables of our significant others.)

Browsing through her queue, I found the pattern for this hat by MK Caroll. It was love at first sight!


MK said...

Glad you like the pattern - I couldn't find a knit cloche pattern I liked, so I went ahead and designed one!

You are so right about Toaster and my pups looking like they could have come from the same litter - Jr. and Trip are bigger, but Toaster even has the same one-ear-up-one-ear-down as Trip!

Ms. Nidoog said...

How can you not love it? It's the perfect hat. My business partner saw it on my blog and has already dropped a HUGE hint -- with color preferences -- that she wants it for her birthday.

It IS crazy how much they look alike. And they're the same age too. Weird!