Thursday, June 5, 2008

Off to NY

Rob and I leave tonight for MOCCA.

I'm excited about going to New York and seeing friends, but I am NOT looking forward to the flight. Flying is such a pain in the ass. Last year when we went to Mocca, we missed connections on both legs of the trip and were stranded in Cincinatti for hours. At one point, a very unhelpful gate agent told us we might be there for days.

This year, we used miles for the tickets and are on two different airlines. Fingers are crossed there are no missed connections -- being stranded is much less fun when you're by yourself. Even my bike is happier when it's left behind with Rob's.

If there are no more posts to this blog, it means I have been permanently stranded in an airport, doomed to eat fast food and never shower for the rest of my life.

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