Friday, February 20, 2009

What Would You Knit With...

this, gorgeous, gorgeous hand-spun yarn? Rob bought it for me a couple of Felt Club's ago from a vendor named Rapunzel's Threads.

I've never knit with hand-spun before and I'm just stumped about how to work with the varying thickness. It's wool with a silk wrap and I have 62 yards of it.

On size 10 1/2 needles, 14 sts and 18 rows equals 4 inches and creates a pretty solid piece of fabric. I borrowed a pair of 17's from my friend Nora. On those, 4 inches equals 10 sts and 12 rows. This is a pretty open swatch with noticeable spaces in some of the stitches.

My friend Cybele suggested I make Calorimetry, but I think I'd rather use this as an accent on something. Any ideas are welcome!

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